Leaders of industry from around the globe have been appointed to The International Advisory Council (IAC) of the China Horse Club. These accomplished individuals are from fields as diverse as humanity, public service, business, finance, education and the thoroughbred industry. All share a common goal to create a better society. All have a passion for the thoroughbred industry and in seeing it realize its potential in China and become a contributor to society in this country.

The IAC, through their collective wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, provide advisories on a wide range of subjects that will be instrumental in carrying out major projects towards there successful implementation. The IAC acts as an advisory group to the China Horse Club. Each member brings into the council unique skills essential to the success of the China Horse Club and its affiliated projects and to helping China realize its potential as a global thoroughbred leader.

Each advisor to the IAC is a paragon of achievement within their respective field and emulates the values of leadership, vision, perseverance and hard work.

These leaders of industry share the vision of recreating a cultural attachment to the thoroughbred industry within China and in driving the nation’s growth within this industry. Each member is a pivotal player in the emergence of China. Each has a skill set and a record of success that will be utilized and relied upon.

Membership to the IAC is a peerless opportunity to be a pioneer in the emergence of the thoroughbred industry in China and to play a direct role in shaping the culture of this industry.

The successful emergence of the China Horse Club and the implementation of its projects is the first step in creating a viable long term thoroughbred industry in China. This task rests with the IAC and its members.