The China Horse Club (CHC) is China’s premier lifestyle, business and thoroughbred club and provides unique and exclusive experiences for members and their guests.

Our bespoke club is a congregation point for members that are predominantly from Mainland China however its reach spans the globe, connecting different nationalities and overcoming language and cultural diversity.

The gateway into participation in the CHC is through its elite thoroughbred racing syndicates. Since China Horse Club began racing in May 2013, its horses have won for members in eight different countries (China, Singapore, Australia, France, United States, Ireland, Great Britain and Italy) and been successful in high profile races in several of these regions.

China Horse Club races some of the world’s most commercial thoroughbreds; Members are VIP guests at dazzling functions; have the privilege of competing for wonderful prize money; continue to be introduced to fellow members and likeminded peers from the CHC’s international network and are open to exclusive business opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about the China Horse Club exclusive membership offer, please contact Mr.  Eden Harrington. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Eden HARRINGTON    (Hp no : +65 93769968)