Barbados is a Caribbean island that exudes a natural charm. China Horse Club (CHC) jockeys Qin Yong and Chen Li, who are currently stationed there, bring to you, its enchanting beach scenes and relaxing island life, and hope that everyone will one day get to experience this ideal holiday destination.

You may be familiar with scenes from the Hollywood movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, or perhaps you have long yearned for the stunning pink sandy beaches of the Bahamas. The Caribbean Sea offers an unforgettable experience where heaven meets earth. Here, you will find the best beaches in the world, with the clearest waters in the most spectacular shade of blue and powdery soft sandy shore fringed by swaying palm trees. Sit on the beach listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean and allow one’s weariness and troubles to be swept away. The surreal beauty of pristine blue waters and romantic white shore with sunbathers relaxing in the warm Caribbean sun – this where one can truly savour the good life.

Barbados has the one of the longest beaches in the Caribbean, with natural beauty that tugs at the heartstrings. The West Coast is like a beautiful lady, catching the eye with its effortless beauty, and stunningly calm blue waters. The East Coast is more rugged with its big Atlantic waves and strong undercurrents. The South Coast, with a stretching barrier reef, provides the best condition for snorkeling and scuba diving and it is where one can find pink-tinged white sand and spectacular limestone cliffs. In Barbados one does not have to look very far to find beautiful beaches. Often we seek out life’s little pleasures by strolling along the shoreline, listening to the symphony of the sea and exchanging thoughts. It is often on these walks that we talk about our dreams and about home.

· Carlisle Bay

barbados beach

Mesmerising view of Carlisle Bay beach

Carlisle Bay is situated on the southwest coast of Barbados, adjoining the capital city of Bridgetown. With its rich marine life, Carlisle Bay is the ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling and the soft sandy beach makes this the perfect relaxation destination. Carlisle Bay also offers recreation boat cruises, hotel accommodations and other holiday facilities. You will find a pristine beach of unparalleled beauty at Carlisle Bay, especially along stretch closest to the Garrison Savannah – Barbados Turf Club. This stretch, with its deep blue waters and rare pink-coloured sand, is where we often get together with our friends on weekends when we are not riding in races. The pink colour of the sand comes from remains of the Foraminifera (microscopic coral insects), which have a bright pink or red shell. After the insect dies, the wave action crushes the bodies and washes the remains ashore where they mix in with the powdery white sand. As the bright sun shines down on at the azure waves lapping against the pink shore a brilliant kaleidoscope of colours is produced.  It is easy to see why the locals enjoy sipping on Barbados’ famed rum punch and enjoy looking out over such a sight.

barbados beach2

Weekend gathering with friends at the Carlisle beach – picture shows a little boy frolicking on the beach.

barbados beach3

Enjoy a rum punch on the beach

Tips:Rum punch – don’t miss out on this famed Barbados national cocktail.

The history of rum in intrinsically tied to the history of Barbados itself. Rum is believed to be the world’s oldest distilled alcoholic beverage. Whether this holds true, rum is most certainly the oldest alcoholic beverage in Barbados.

Sugarcane grown on the island was first used to ferment and produce rum 370 years ago. The Barbados rum soon found favour with British sailors who transported bottles of it back to their country as proof of having sailed the Atlantic. Established in 1703, Mount Gay Rum is the oldest brand of rum in Barbados and, in time, the world recognised Mount Gay Rum to be the oldest existing brand of rum in the world.

flag1 National Flag of Barbados

Maserati, or Poseidon’s trident? Actually, this is the national flag of Barbados.

The national flag of Barbados was designed by Grantley W. Prescod. It consists of three vertical panels – two panels of ultramarine separated by a golden middle panel. A black trident-head is centred within the golden panel. The two panels of ultramarine represent the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, while the golden middle panel represents the sand of Barbados’ beaches. The trident is the attribute of Greek mythical sea god, Poseidon, with each point representing the three principles of democracy, which are: government of, for, and by the Barbados people.


Even though we have not been in Barbados for long, we have made many new friends. Not only have we gained invaluable work experience, being here has also broadened our mindset. We have learnt to be grateful – grateful towards life and grateful towards others. When you are surrounded by care and love, this world inevitably feels like a better place.

We sincerely thank the CHC for providing us with this invaluable experience and learning opportunity, and wish the CHC continued success and prosperity. At the same time, as CHC ambassadors in Barbados, we hope to build a bridge of friendship and promote mutual understanding between our two nations.

Last but not least, please stay tuned to our performance on the tracks. In the near future, we hope to share more about our race experiences and life on the island.


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